[croaq] Air quality in Croatia

Package croaq simplifies access to air quality data from state and local networks of measurement stations provided by Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy. Source code and further documentation is available here and a short example of its use is given below.

Letโ€™s say one wants to compare raw and validated daily values of coarse particulate matter concentration measured on a station ZAGREB-1 (code 155) during December 2017. Two sets of data are needed, one for raw values (type = 4) and one for validated values (type = 5), so function croaq is used twice. Fetched data is then merged into one object available for further processing.

datr <- croaq(155, "pm10", from = "2017-12-01", to = "2017-12-31", type = 4)
datv <- croaq(155, "pm10", from = "2017-12-01", to = "2017-12-31", type = 5)
data <- rbind(datr,datv)

And thatโ€™s it, now you can do the analysis or plot data.